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Sairan no Ma

A photo of the whole of Sairan no Ma. Three chandeliers, magnificent gold-leaf plaster relief, and ornate chairs and tables are set in the room. Patterns are embroidered on the red fabric of the chairs.

A Hall Guarded by Mythical Birds

Located directly above the entrance hall to the State Guest House and forming a pair with Asahi no Ma, Sairan no Ma was called the "Second Guest Room when the residence was originally built. The new appellation Sairan no Ma derives from its reliefs of a ran, a type of phoenix.
This salon is used for treaty signing ceremonies, summit meetings, etc.


A photo of the mythical bird known as the Ran, a variety of phoenix, spreading its wings wide. It shines golden, a gilded stucco relief.

Mythical, Golden Birds

Exquisite relief embellishments in the form of birds with outspread wings are mounted above the great mirrors to the right and left, and on either side of the marble mantelpiece. These are mythical birds called ran, which the salon is now named for.

A photo of a gilded stucco relief of an armored warrior. The design is of the warrior is at center, with seated lions facing outwards on both sides.

Exquisite Gilded Reliefs

The salon is decorated in the Empire style, which swept Napoleonic France of the early 19th century. Martial motifs predominate in the ornate parcel-gilt alabaster reliefs, and includes Japanese elements such as a warrior in traditional armor.

A photo of a chandelier in Sairan no Ma. A chandelier made primarily of crystal hangs from the ceiling.


Above the crystal fixtures, the chains are enlivened with red, yellow, and green ribbons.

A photo of the ceiling in Sairan no Ma. There are stucco reliefs along an elliptical arch, with a pattern of lines radiating from its center, creating a design reminiscient of a tent.

Ceiling Reliefs

The vaulted ceiling is delineated into panels in a sunburst pattern, intended to evoke a military campaign tent. As with the wall relief of the sphinx, the design is thought to have been inspired by Napoleon's campaign in Egypt.

A photo of the chairs and tables in Sairan no Ma. A pattern is embroidered on the red fabric portion of the chairs.


Characteristic of the Empire style, the chairs are upholstered in a fabric of red ground with silver embroidery.

A photo of furniture in Sairan no Ma. Golden decorations have been applied to the mahogany.

Empire-Style Furnishings

The pieces of furniture in the salon show strong symmetry and have lion feet, both characteristic of the style.

A photo of the great mirror in Sairan no Ma. Gilded stucco reliefs ornament the area around the mirror. The chandelier and ceiling decorations can be seen reflected in the great mirror.

Great Mirrors

The 10 mirrors hung on the walls serve to visually expand the room.

A photo of decoration on the mantlepiece in Sairan no Ma. The decoration is a design of a Western-style helmet with a Japanese katana sword and a saber behind it.

Japanese Sword and Saber

The relief embellishment on the mantelpiece include swords from both the West and the East.