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Public Opening Schedule

Public Opening Schedule

Explanatory note

Open to the public
* Advance reservations may be made on a first-come, first-served basis until noon the day before the visit.
Closed on Wednesdays or due to reception of official guests, etc.
To be determined


2021.82 Open 2021.83 Open 2021.84 × Closed 2021.85 Open 2021.86 Open 2021.87 Open
2021.88 Open 2021.89 Open 2021.810 Open 2021.811 × Closed 2021.812 Open 2021.813 Open 2021.814 Open
2021.815 Open 2021.816 Open 2021.817 Open 2021.818 × Closed 2021.819 × Closed 2021.820 × Closed 2021.821 × Closed
2021.822 TBDTBD 2021.823 TBDTBD 2021.824 TBDTBD 2021.825 × Closed 2021.826 TBDTBD 2021.827 TBDTBD 2021.828 TBDTBD
2021.829 TBDTBD 2021.830 TBDTBD 2021.831 TBDTBD

Cautionary Notes

  • ● In the event of receiving distinguished guests at short notice, the scheduled public opening may be cancelled; please check the latest Public Opening Schedule before your visit. We will announce a change of the schedule on Twitter as well.
  • ● Parking is prohibited near the West Gate. Please do not park buses, taxis, or other vehicles there.
  • ● Visitors under the influence of alcohol may be refused for reasons of the facility’s protection.
  • * The Guest House is engaged in the following efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • ● Please note that visitors who which any of the following apply will be denied entry:
    • - Cold symptoms such as cough and fever, labored breathing and dulled senses.
    • - Lack of facial mask.
    • - Travel to foreign countries or COVID-19 problem areas within the previous two weeks.
  • ● When visiting the site, please cooperate by observing the following rules:
    • - Our staff will take your temperature near the entrance.
    • - Please be sure to disinfect your hands.
    • - Please observe social distancing of at least one or two meters wherever possible so as not to form crowds.
    • - Refrain from talking as much as possible during your visit.
    • - Please register your name and emergency contact number near at the reception desk. Please be aware that the information you provide may be made available to public health centers, and other agencies if necessary.