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Public Opening Schedule

Message to all visitors

 At the State Guest House, baggage inspections are carried out to allow you to feel safe during your visit and to preserve the facility that is a national treasure.
When coming to the State Guest House, some people unintentionally carry cutting tools with a blade as long as a fruit knife, etc. However, if these visitors are discovered to carry a cutting tool during a baggage inspection, the State Guest House is required by criminal law to report them to the police, which may cause a great deal of distress to them.
 Therefore, when visiting the State Guest House, please check your baggage once again before you come.

Public Opening Schedule

Explanatory note

Open to the public
Closed on Wednesdays or due to reception of official guests, etc.
To be determined


2024.42 Open 2024.43 ×Close 2024.44 Open 2023.4 5 Open 2023.46 Open
2024.47 Open 2024.48 Open 2024.49 Open 2024.410 ×Closed 2024.411 Open 2024.412 Open 2024.413 Open
2024.414 Open 2023.415 Open 2024.416 Open 2024.417 ×Closed 2024.418 open 2024.419 open 2024.420 Open
2024.421 Open 2024.422 Open 2024.423 Open 2024.424 ×Closed 2024.425 Open 2024.426 Open 2024.427 Open
2024.428 Open 2024.4 29 Open 2024.430 Open


2024.52 Open 2024.53 Open 2024.54 Open
2024.55 Open 2024.56 Open 2024.57 Open 2024.58 ×Closed 2024.59 Open 2024.510 Open 2024.511 Open
2024.512 Open 2024.513 Open 2024.514 Open 2024.515 ×Closed 2024.516 Open 2024.517 Open 2024.518 TBD To be determined
2024.519 TBDTo be determined 2024.520 TBDTo be determined 2024.521 TBDTo be determined 2024.522 ×Closed 2024.523 TBDTo be determined 2024.524 TBDTo be determined 2024.525 TBDTo be determined
2024.526 TBDTo be determined 2024.5 27 TBD To be determined 2024.5 28 TBDTo be determined 2024.529 ×Closed 2024.530 TBDTo be determined 2024.531 TBD To be determined

Cautionary Notes

  • ● In the event of receiving distinguished guests at short notice, the scheduled public opening may be suddenly cancelled; please check the latest Public Opening Schedule before your visit. We will announce a change of the schedule on Twitter as well.
  • ● Parking is prohibited near the West Gate. Please do not park buses, taxis, or other vehicles there.
  • ● Visitors under the influence of alcohol may be refused for reasons of the facility’s protection.
  • * The Guest House is engaged in the following efforts to prevent the spread of infection. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • ● Visitors with cold symptoms such as cough and fever, labored breathing and strong fatigue are asked to refrain from visiting.
  • ● When visiting the site, please cooperate by observing the following rules:
    • - Please be sure to disinfect your hands.
    • - Please observe social distancing wherever possible so as not to form crowds.
    • - Refrain from talking as much as possible during your visit.