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Asahi no Ma

A photo of Asahi no Ma. Two large chandeliers can be seen suspended from the ceiling. Asahi no Ma will be closed until the end of March, 2019, while its ceiling paintings are restored, and other internal restoration takes place.

The Most Elegant Salon in the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace

Asahi no Ma is located up the grand stairway from the entrance hall, beyond the Large Hall. Called the "First Guest Room" when the residence was first built, Asahi no Ma corresponds to the audience room in European palaces. Now used as the drawing and sitting room for visiting dignitaries, the room is the most elegant one in the facility; it also hosts ceremonial welcomes and summit meetings.


A photo of the ceiling painting in Asahi no Ma. An image of Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, is visible with the morning sun at her back, gallantly riding a chariot drawn by a white horse through a rift in the clouds.

Ceiling Painting of Aurora, Goddess of Dawn

The feature that gave rise to the name of this salon was painted by a French artist. It depicts Aurora, Roman goddess of dawn, driving a chariot across the heavens with the rising sun behind her, holding a laurel branch in her left hand and the rein of four white horses in her right hand.

A photo of the carpet in Asahi no Ma The beautiful purple carpet is spread out, patterned with cherry blossoms.

Carpet Woven Using Threads Dyed in 47 Shades

The dantsu carpet that cushions the floor is woven with a motif of cherry blossoms, using threads dyed in 47 shades to achieve the subtle changes in color. This fine control over hue is what makes the delicate gradation characteristic of Japanese aesthetic possible, giving the entire space a restful and elegant ambience.

A photo of a chandelier in Asahi no Ma. The ceiling hangs suspended, made primarily of large pieces of crystal.

Crystal Chandeliers

These are the chandeliers brought from France at the time of the residence's construction, a superb and refined example of their kind.

A photo of Asahi no Ma. Great elegant marble pillars of pink flecked with white are visible against the walls of the room.

Columns of Norwegian Rose Marble

There are a total of 16 pillars carved from pink marble patterned with white pigments, quarried in Norway.

A photo of the artistic textiles on the walls of Asahi no Ma. Dark green velvet is flocked on pale grass-green silk damask to make the pattern flowers and leaves stand out.

Kinkazan Textile from the Mills of Nishijin, Kyoto

The walls are paneled in velvet-flocked silk damask, called Kinkazan textile, from the famed workshops of Kyoto's Nishijin textile district.

A photo of a painting near the ceiling in Asahi no Ma. A helmet and two suits of armor are depicted, and between them, a lion's head biting chains. Behind these are arrows, javelins, and lances.

Wall Art

The walls are decorated with images of armor, helmet, and lion heads with chains held in their jaws, said to represent the army.

A photo of a painting near the ceiling in Asahi no Ma. Bay laurels are hung on the prow of a ship, which is moored with chains.

Wall Art

The walls are decorated with images of ship's figurehead, laurel, oar and anchor, said to symbolize the navy.

A photo of a large candelabra in Asahi no Ma. Flame-shaped lightbulbs shine brightly atop the golden candelabra.

Great Candelabra

The four corners of the salon hold floor candelabra. The base is onyx.

For those who wish to pay a visit

You may pay for a visit without prior reservation/with sign-in reception on the day of your visit.