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Entrance Hall

A photo of the entrance hall. The floor has a black and white checkerboard pattern, and a red carpet has been laid in its middle, extending towards the central staircase.

Doorway to a World of Allure

Beyond the lofty ironwork door is the entrance hall, with black and white checkerboard floor overlaid with red carpet. The checkerboard, called the ichimatsu motif in Japan, is composed of black Japanese slate and white Italian marble. A similar floor can be seen in the Palace of Versailles in France.


A photo of the central staircase. A red carpet has been spread over the stairs, and the walls to the left and right are made of mirror-like red marble. Straight ahead, near the ceiling, the Imperial chrysanthemum emblem can be seen.

Into a Place of Opulence

Guests walk the red carpet through the entrance hall and up the grand stairway of Italian marble. A barrel-vaulted ceiling bright with gold leaf arches overhead as they ascend each step.

A photo of the paintings on the arch just above the central staircase. An image of the painting one sees when going to the second floor, and the painting one sees when descending to the first floor are described here together. Behind the Imperial chrysanthemum emblem, a background of dawn has been painting on the side leading to the second floor, and on the side leading down to the first floor, a painting of dusk has been painted.

Rising and Setting Suns to Mark the Visit

The paintings on the south and north end of the vault seen from the grand stairway were conceived in the spirit of hospitality. Arriving guests are greeted with a painting of the morning sun as they ascend to the second floor, and departing guests are given a send-off with a painting of the setting sun on their way down to the entrance hall.

A photo of the great hall on the second floor. Large marble pillars with beautiful purple patterns can be seen.

Great Marble Columns with Striking Patches of Violet

Just beyond the top of the grand stairway is the Large Hall, with eight columns of Italian breche violette marble.

A photo of the wall paintings by Ryohei Koiso. The large oil paintings painted by Ryohei Koiso decorate both walls outside the entrance to Asahi no Ma. The title of the piece on the right is

Painting and Music by Ryohei Koiso

Flanking the door to Asahi no Ma are a pair of oils by Ryohei Koiso, entitled Painting and Music.

A photo of the ceiling painting in the great hall. It is laid out to appear as though one is looking up at part of a building, where the center portion represents the expansive sky, where seven doves are painted.

Ceiling Art with Utopian Intent

The ceiling painting is titled Seventh Heaven. Executed by Professor Shun'ichi Terada of Tokyo University of the Arts, the work symbolizes an ideal world where seven doves race across the sky, leading the way to tranquility.

For those who wish to pay a visit

You may pay for a visit without prior reservation/with sign-in reception on the day of your visit.