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For Those Who Wish to Pay a Visit Public Opening of the Kyoto State Guest House

Guided Tour-Style Visit

Opening Information

Type of visit: Tour conducted by guide (A. in English(English guided tour) / B. in Japanese with audio guide (English, Chinese, Korean))
Time required for visit: Approx. 90 minutes including entry procedure time
Entry Gate: West Gate of the Kyoto State Guest House
Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (Last admission: 15:30)
Eligible person: Above the Junior High School age
(From 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019: Those who were born before 1 April 2006)
Entry charge: Adults: 1,500 yen, Students: 700 yen
(Group: Adults: 1,200 yen per person, Students: 600 yen per person)
*The valid ID is required to verify the date of birth on the day of visit in case of student discount.

(*Eligible students for discount are as follows:
From 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019: Those who were born from 2 April 2000 to 1 April 2006)
*Payment is acceptable only in cash.
Maximum number of visitors a day: 782 persons per day (except English guided tours visitors)
*34 persons per tour. Each tour starts every 15 minutes.
How to enter: 1) With a “visit-certificate” issued in advance through online applications
2) With an admission card distributed on the day of a visit at the West Gate (*Maximum 8 tickets per person can be issued.)
Visiting area Juraku no Ma (Anteroom) / Yubae no Ma (Large Conference Room) / Fuji no Ma (Banquet Hall) / Kiri no Ma (Japanese-style Banquet room) / and others

English Guided Tour

The once-a-day English Guided tour will be available through the whole opening period!

For a better understanding of our facility as well as Japan tradition, culture and craftsmanship, we offer you an English guided tour once a day.
Our English speaking guides show you around the space open to the public and the periodical special exhibition. They are highly qualified interpreter guides including those who are officially certified by the City of Kyoto. They will take you on one-hour journey into the graceful elegance of Japanese culture and hospitality. Please come to join the tour that you cannot experience elsewhere.

  1. Time of Tour: At 12:00 *please arrive around 11:30am
  2. Dates of Tour (*Dates of Tour vary according to the opening schedule): Click to check out the opening schedule
  3. Entry charge (*Payment is acceptable only in cash.): Adults: 1,500 yen / Students (with valid ID) 700 yen *See details about Entry charge
  4. Eligible person: Above the Junior High School age*See details about Eligible person
  5. Time required for the tour: Approx.90 minutes (*meeting time Included)
  6. Maximum number of visitors: 34 persons
  7. How to apply: 1) Receiving the admission card on the day of the tour , 2) Applying online in advance
  8. Apply to make your visit

Same-day registration

Admission cards on the day will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis in front of the West Gate of the Kyoto State Guest House around 10:00AM.

– Over 204 tickets per day
– Maximum 8 tickets can be issued per person.
*Please note that due to the remaining availability, all tickets may not be issued for the same tour.
– Timing of distribution depends on the weather and the queuing situation.
– Admission cards are available only for the date on which the cards are distributed. You cannot receive in advance the admission cards available on and after the next day. Admission cards cannot be reserved.

Advance reservation

“Applying procedure”

1)  The application page shown after clicking the above button “Click here for the application” is also used for the application for Self-guided tours. Please select the button below according to your preferred type of visit and the number of participants.
2) You will see “The public opening date” page with the calendar. The date with the “○” symbol are available for applications. Please select your preferred date (click on the applicable button) to go to the next page.
3) Please your preferred time (click on the applicable button) in “The public opening course” page to go to the next page.
4) The “Notes for application the public opening” page will be shown. Please be sure to read the terms of use in the page and the advisory notice (click on the “Advisory Notice” button) carefully and check the box beside “I agree with all the notes above” to continue to register, only if you agree to the terms.
5) Please enter the applicant information correctly in the “Application form” page and click on the “Next” button.
6) Please be sure to confirm all information shown in the “Confirmation of application” page then click on the “Execute application” button to submit your application.
7) If the “Completion the application” page is shown, your application is complete. You will receive an email confirmation sent to your registered email address. Please be sure to confirm it.

8) (*Only for those who applied with over 20 persons) Please note that you should login through the link specified in the emailed Visit certificate and register the visitors list no later than one week prior to the date of visit. In case of no registration within the due date, your application will be automatically cancelled.
For example: date of your visit: 11 (Sun) Feb. *due date for registration: at 23:59 (JST) on 4 (Sun) Feb.
*To register the visitors list, your date of birth that you entered on the Application form is required. Please be sure to enter the date correctly; otherwise you cannot register the list nor cancel/modify your data.

  1. After the lottery, the additional application is made on first-come-first-served basis only for the time slots in which the application capacity does not reach the fixed number.
  2. The result of the lottery will be emailed on the following day after the advance application is closed. All applicants will receive the result notification (Timing of sending the result notification varies).
  3. In case of the cancel or change of your application, please click on the “Cancellation and changing the application” button at the lower light corner of the screen in the “Selection the application course” page.