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For Those Who Wish to Pay a Visit Public Opening of the Kyoto State Guest House

The Kyoto State Guest House opens to the general public year-round when it is not used for its main activities of welcoming dignitaries from abroad.

  • In the event of receiving dignitaries from abroad at short notice, the scheduled public opening may be cancelled; please check the following latest Public Opening Calendar before your visit. In addition, we will announce a change of the schedule on Twitter as well.
  • Types of visit and admission fees are subject to change depending on the time of your visit.

Types of Visit

There are two types of visit: 1) Self-guided tours and 2) Guided tours. The types of visit varies depending on the opening period.

For information regarding admission fees, please see the Admission Fees page.

For information about special visit plans currently in operation, please refer to What's New.

An image of a visit to the Kyoto State Guest House via guided tour. Visitors see each room in the Guest House while listening to an explanation from the tour guide.

(1) Self-guided tours

Application not required
(Advance reservations are available
for groups of 20 or more)

You are free to visit and view at your own pace along the route without a guide.
We offer several tablets (for free) for visitors to use the Kyoto State Guest House Official App during their visit.

See details about self-guided tours
An image of a visit to the Kyoto State Guest House via self-guided tour. Visits can make their way through the Guest House visiting route at their own pace, without a tour guide.

(2) Guided tours

Both advance reservation and sign-in reception are available (Numbered tickets will be distributed on the day of your visit) (Numbered tickets will be distributed at 9:45 a.m. to those who arrive first)

You visit the facility with a guide.

See details about guided tours

Kyoto State Guest House Official App

An example of the app in use.

This is the official application of the Kyoto State Guest House. After downloading the app, use it to scan markers within the Guest House to access audio, text, and video content for even deeper knowledge of the Kyoto State Guest House. Please consider downloading the app when you visit us.

Check the schedule

Pubic Opening Calendar (as of 5.14.2019)

Explanatory note

:open (for Self-guided tours) Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 [Last admission: 16:30]
:open (for Guided tours) Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 [Last admission: 15:30]
○AM :AM open (for Self-guided tours) Opening hours: 10:00 to 13:00 [Last admission: 12:30]
●AM :AM open (for Guided tours) Opening hours: 10:00 to 13:00[Last admission: 11:20]
●PM :PM open (for Guided tours) Opening hours: 12:00 to 17:00[Last admission: 15:30]
reserved :open for reservation only
TBD :To be determined (We’ll keep you posted)
× :closed
Nov.17-20 :For example, “Nov.17-20” means that the advance application starts from 17 November, 10:00 and ends on 20 November, 23:00 (JST).

“English Guided tours” begin at 12:00 once a day on the following opening days.

May 2019

2019.51 open Mar.9-13 2019.52 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.53 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.54 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13
2019.55 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.56 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.57 ×closed 2019.58 ×closed 2019.59 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.510 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.511 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13
2019.512 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.513 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.514 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.515 ×closed 2019.516 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.517 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.518 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13
2019.519 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.520 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.521 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.522 ×closed 2019.523 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.524 ○AMAM open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.525 ×closed
2019.526 ×closed 2019.527 ×closed 2019.528 ×closed 2019.529 ×closed 2019.530 ●PMPM open (for Guided tours) Mar.9-13 2019.531 open(for Guided tours) Mar.9-13

June 2019

2019.61 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12
2019.62 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.63 ●AMAM open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.64 ×closed 2019.65 ×closed 2019.66 ×closed 2019.67 ×closed 2019.68 ×closed
2019.69 ×closed 2019.610 ●PMPM open (for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.611 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.612 ×closed 2019.613 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.614 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.615 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12
2019.616 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.617 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.618 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.619 ×closed 2019.620 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.621 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.622 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12
2019.623 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.624 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.625 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.626 ×closed 2019.627 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.628 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12 2019.629 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12
2019.630 open(for Guided tours) Apr.8-12

July 2019

2019.71 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.72 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.73 ×closed 2019.74 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.75 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.76 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15
2019.77 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.78 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.79 ×closed 2019.710 ×closed 2019.711 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.712 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.713 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15
2019.714 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.715 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.716 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.717 ×closed 2019.718 May.9-15 2019.719 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.720 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15
2019.721 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.722 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.723 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.724 ×closed 2019.725 reservedopen for reservation only 2019.726 reservedopen for reservation only 2019.727 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15
2019.728 open(for Guided tours)d May.9-15 2019.729 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.730 open(for Guided tours) May.9-15 2019.731 ×closed

The schedule from August 1 will be announced on this page and others as soon as it is determined.