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For Those Who Wish to Pay a Visit Public Opening of the Kyoto State Guest House

The Kyoto State Guest House opens to the general public year-round when it is not used for its main activities of welcoming dignitaries from abroad.
To pay a visit to us, you can make an advance reservation through this page, or sign at the reception on the day of your visit without an advance reservation.

  • In the event of receiving dignitaries from abroad at short notice, the scheduled public opening may be cancelled; please check the following latest Public Opening Calendar before your visit. In addition, we will announce a change of the schedule on Twitter as well.
  • For a guided tour, it is advisable that you make an advance reservation. The numbered ticket will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of your visit; thus, depending on the time slot, you may not be admitted.
  • For a self-guided tour (you are free to visit and view at your own pace without a guide), when it is crowded, those who made an advance reservation will be admitted preferentially.

Types of Visit

There are two types of visit: 1) Self-guided tours and 2) Guided tours. The types of visit varies depending on the opening period.

An image of a visit to the Kyoto State Guest House via guided tour. Visitors see each room in the Guest House while listening to an explanation from the tour guide.

(1) Self-guided tours

Both advance reservation and sign-in reception are available; admission fee is required.

You are free to visit and view at your own pace along the route without a guide.

See details about self-guided tours
An image of a visit to the Kyoto State Guest House via free-style visit. Visits can make their way through the Guest House visiting route at their own pace, without a tour guide.

(2) Guided tours

Both advance reservation and sign-in reception are available; admission fee is required.

You visit the facility with a guide.

See details about guided tours

Check the schedule

Pubic Opening Calendar (as of 30.04.03)

Explanatory note

:open (for Self-guided tours) Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 [Last admission: 16:30]
:Nighttime extended opening (Self-guided tours) 10:00 – 20:00 [Last admission: 19:30]
:Seasonal exhibition *Entry fee differs from the regular fee.
PM :open from 12:00 to 17:00 [Last admission: 16:30] (for Self-guided tours)
:open (for Guided tours) Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 [Last admission: 15:30]
× :closed
Nov.17-20 :For example, “Nov.17-20” means that the advance application starts from 17 November, 00:00 and ends on 20 November, 23:00 (JST).

“English Guided tours” begin at 12:00 once a day on the following opening days.

April 2018

2018.041 ×closed 2018.042 open (for Self-guided tours) Feb.15-19 2018.043 open (for Self-guided tours) Feb.15-19 2018.044 ×closed 2018.045 open (for Self-guided tours) Feb.15-19 2018.046 open (for Self-guided tours) Feb.15-19 2018.047 open (for Self-guided tours) Feb.15-19
2018.048 open (for Self-guided tours) Feb.15-19 2018.049 open (for Self-guided tours) Feb.15-19 2018.0410 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.15-19 2018.0411 ×closed 2018.0412 ×closed 2018.0413 ×closed 2018.0414 ×closed
2018.0415 ×closed 2018.0416 ×closed 2018.0417 ×closed 2018.0418 ×closed 2018.0419 ×closed 2018.0420 ×closed 2018.0421 ×closed
2018.0422 PMopen (for Self-guided tours) 2018.0423 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.1-5 2018.0424 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.1-5 2018.0425 ×closed 2018.0426 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.1-5 2018.0427 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.1-5 2018.0428 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.1-5
2018.0429 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.1-5 2018.0430 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.1-5 2018.04 2018.04 2018.04 2018.04 2018.04

May 2018

2018.051 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.8-12 2018.052 ×closed 2018.053 ★☆open (for Self-guided tours) Apr.5-11 2018.054 ★☆open (for Self-guided tours) Apr.5-11 2018.055 ★☆open (for Self-guided tours) Apr.5-11
2018.056 ★☆open (for Self-guided tours) Apr.5-11 2018.057 open (for Self-guided tours) Apr.5-11 2018.058 open (for Self-guided tours) Apr.5-11 2018.059 ×closed 2018.0510 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.8-12 2018.0511 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.8-12 2018.0512 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.8-12
2018.0013 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.8-12 2018.0514 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.8-12 2018.0515 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.8-12 2018.0516 ×closed 2018.0517 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.15-19 2018.0518 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.15-19 2018.0519 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.15-19
2018.0520 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.15-19 2018.0521 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.15-19 2018.0522 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.15-19 2018.0523 ×closed 2018.0524 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.22-26 2018.0525 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.22-26 2018.0526 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.22-26
2018.0527 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.22-26 2018.0528 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.22-26 2018.0529 open (for Self-guided tours) Mar.22-26 2018.0530 ×closed 2018.0531 open (for Guided tours) Apr.12-16 2018.05 2018.05

June 2018

2018.061 open (for Guided tours) Apr.12-16 2018.062 open (for Guided tours) Apr.12-16
2018.063 open (for Guided tours) Apr.12-16 2018.064 open (for Guided tours) Apr.12-16 2018.065 open (for Guided tours) Apr.12-16 2018.066 ×closed 2018.067 open (for Guided tours) Apr.19-23 2018.068 open (for Guided tours) Apr.19-23 2018.069 open (for Guided tours) Apr.19-23
2018.0610 open (for Guided tours) Apr.19-23 2018.0611 open (for Guided tours) Apr.19-23 2018.0612 open (for Guided tours) Apr.19-23 2018.0613 ×closed 2018.0614 open (for Guided tours) Apr.26-30 2018.0615 open (for Guided tours) Apr.26-30 2018.0616 open (for Guided tours) Apr.26-30
2018.0617 open (for Guided tours) Apr.26-30 2018.0618 open (for Guided tours) Apr.26-30 2018.0619 open (for Guided tours) Apr.26-30 2018.0620 ×closed 2018.0621 open (for Guided tours) May.3-7 2018.0622 open (for Guided tours) May.3-7 2018.0623 open (for Guided tours) May.3-7
2018.0624 open (for Guided tours) May.3-7 2018.0625 open (for Guided tours) May.3-7 2018.0626 open (for Guided tours) May.3-7 2018.0627 ×closed 2018.0628 open (for Guided tours) May.10-14 2018.0629 open (for Guided tours) May.10-14 2018.0630 open (for Guided tours) May.10-14

The opening schedule from 1 July 2018 onwards is still to be decided.