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Reservations for Premium Guided Tours are now available

  • Special Visit
  • 2022.12.04
Kyoto State Guest House will be offering premium, small-group guided tours on the following dates.
In addition to the regular guided tours of Kyoto State Guest House, visitors will have the opportunity to see Taki no Ma, which has been open only to distinguished guests, and Suimei no Ma, where the summit meetings are held. In Taki no Ma, a special seated viewing experience is available.
The large lacquered table in Kiri no Ma reflects the winter scenery of the garden, creating an exquisite space of “harmonization of garden and architecture,” while in Taki no Ma, the sound of the waterfall in the stillness of winter will clear the minds of visitors.
Why not experience the charm of Kyoto State Guest House through this special guided tour?

■Dates:  January 16 Mon – January 20 Fri, 2023 (Closed on Wed, January 18)
      January 30 Mon – February 3 Fri, 2023 (Closed on Wed, February 1)

  ①9:00a.m.~10:50a.m.   ②11:00a.m.~12:50p.m.   ③1:00p.m.~2:50p.m.   ④3:00p.m.~4:50p.m.
 *Each guided-tour is limited to 30 people.
 *Click here to make a reservation in advance!
 *Numbered tickets will be distributed at Seiwain Rest House on a first come, first served basis for the guided-tours that have not reached capacity through advance reservations.
 *Please refrain from making tentative reservations or last-minute cancellations for groups of 10 or more people.

■Viewing area:
  Main Entrance / Juraku no Ma (anteroom) / Yubae no Ma (large conference room) / Fuji no Ma (banquet hall) / Kiri no Ma (Japanese-style banquet room) / Taki no Ma(Tatami room with a view of waterfall) / Rokyo(open covered bridge over the pond) / Suimei no Ma(high-level conference room)

■Admission:   Adults 5,000 yen
         Students 3,500 yen (University) / 1,500 yen (Jr. High and High school aged 13 to 18)
 *Elementary school children and younger (including infants and toddlers) will not be admitted.
 *Please present a valid ID on the day of visit for a student discount.
 *Holders of the valid Physical Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, War Injury and Sickness Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Certificate and up to one caregiver are exempted from paying the admission fee.

■Meeting place: Seiwain Rest House

■Cautionary notes:
  Please refrain from visiting Kyoto State Guest House if any of the following conditions apply:
    (1) Those who have symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, or strong fatigue.
    (2) Those who are not wearing a mask.

     We would also appreciate your cooperation in the followings:
    (1) Please take your temperature and disinfect your hands before entering the building.
    (2) Please wear a mask at all times when you are inside the facility.
    (3) Please keep a physical distance of at least 1m from each other while participating in the tour.
    (4) Please keep conversations to a minimum during the tour.

  Please note that our staff members are also wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The above measures may be subject to change due to changes in future circumstances.
Please check our website for the latest information.


Taki no Ma


Suimei no Ma