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Seiwain Rest House

A photo of the exterior of the Sewain Rest House, with a placard in front. The modern building has glass walls and a roof with elements of traditional Japanese architecture.


A photo of the wooden reception desk inside the Sewain Rest House.

Tour Reception for the Public Opening of the Kyoto State Guest House

If you wish to tour the Kyoto State Guest House, please make your way to the Seiwain Rest House, where you will be able to go through reception, purchase tickets, drop off your belongings, and receive an explanation as to the nature of the tour.

A photo of three softly-lit rows of wooden shelving displaying items for sale, including bags, file folders, and fans.

Kyoto State Guest House Gift Shop

There is a gift shop inside of the Seiwain Rest House that sells items to commemorate your visit to the Kyoto State Guest House. Please drop by if you would like some keepsakes.

A photo of a hallway with benches, facing a wall of glass panels looking out a grassy lawn with trees.

Free Rest House

Seiwain Rest House is a rest facility that is open to everyone. The Rest House also has a barrier-free, multi-functional bathroom. (Service dogs are also welcome.)

Facility Overview

Opening Hours
9:30 - 16:30
Tour Reception
9:30 - 15:30
Wednesdays *Based on the dates for the public opening of the Kyoto State Guest House

Cautionary Notes

  • When it is crowded, those who made advance reservations will be preferentially admitted.
  • In the event of receiving distinguished guests at short notice, the scheduled public opening may be suddenly cancelled; please check the latest Public Opening Schedule before your visit. We will announce a change of the schedule on Twitter as well.