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About the Kyoto State Guest House

A collage photo of the various sights of the Kyoto State Guest House

The place that offers the finest hospitality where the best essence of Japanese traditional skills are integrated

The Kyoto State Guest House was built in 2005 as facilities to welcome distinguished guests from all over the world with the warmest hospitality and allow them to deepen their understanding of, and cultivate friendly relations with, Japan in Kyoto, which symbolizes Japan's history and culture.
In order to make the structure harmonize with its historic landscape and surrounding natural environment, its external appearance draws on half-hipped roofs and the sukiya-style, a simple and austere style used in tea ceremony houses, creating a noble Japanese appearance.
Craftsmanship of a wide variety of traditional skills that represent Kyoto is applied to the building and furniture, including sukiya carpentry, plastering, landscape gardening, kirikane (metallic foil cut into strips or other shapes to form decorative motifs), Nishijin brocade and makie (lacquerwork) to name but a few.

Facility Overview

23 Kyoto Gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Site Area
Approx. 20,140m²
Structure of the Main Building
Reinforced concrete; one above and one below ground
Total Floor Space
Approx. 16,000m²