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Reservations for English guided tours are now available

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  • 2023.09.20
English guided tours of Kyoto State Guest House will resume in October 2023.
The following dates are scheduled for these tours.
We hope you will join us!

■Dates:  October 5 Thu, 6 Fri, 8 Sun, 9 Mon, 10 Tue, 24 Tue
      November 5 Sun – 11 Sat (Closed on Wed, November 8)
      December 3 Sun – 9 Sat (Closed on Wed, December 6)
      January 7 Sun –13 Sat (Closed on Wed, January 10)
      February 4 Sun –10 Sat (Closed on Wed, February 7)
      March 3 Sun –9 Sat (Closed on Wed, March 6)

■Times: 11:45a.m.
 *Each guided-tour is limited to 18 people.
 *Click here to make a reservation in advance!
 *Same-day tickets for guided tours that have not reached capacity through advance reservation are also available at Seiwain Rest House.

■Viewing area:
  Main Entrance / Juraku-no-Ma (anteroom) / Yubae-no-Ma (large conference room) / Fuji-no-Ma (banquet hall) / Kiri-no-Ma (Japanese-style banquet room) /etc.

■Admission:   Adults 2,000 yen
         Students 1,500 yen (University) / 700 yen (Middle/High school students aged 13+)
 *Children aged 12 or younger will not be admitted.
 *Please present a valid ID on the day to receive the student discount.

■Meeting place: Seiwain Rest House

 ・Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited.
 ・The following items are not allowed inside the premises: plastic drink bottles, alcohol and other liquids, large professional-use cameras, selfie sticks, tripods, other photographic aids, knives, lighters, other dangerous items, writing implements such as pens, and audio recording devices.
 ・Each person is allowed to bring in one piece of baggage, with dimensions not exceeding 25x25x10cm. Backpacks of any size are not allowed.

■Cautionary notes:
 ・The schedule is subject to change due to operational reasons.
 ・Please refrain from visiting Kyoto State Guest House if you have symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, or strong fatigue.
 ・Please note that staff members will be wearing masks.
 ・The above measures may be subject to change due to changes in future.
  Please check our website for the latest information.