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2-4 June, 2018 H.E. Mr. François de Rugy, President of the National Assembly French Republic

President is getting out of the car and greeted by the Vice Director of the State Guest House at the Main Entrance

President greeted by the Vice Director of the State Guest House
(Main Entrance)

President is receiving greetings from the Mayor of Kyoto, the chairman of Kyoto municipal, Geiko and Maiko standing in line in front of the folding screen at the entrance of Fuji no Ma room.

President greeted in a receiving line
(Fuji no Ma)

The delegation is seated side-by-side in two rows in front of the Tuzure-ori tapestry Reika in Fuji no Ma room for a commemoration photo.

Commemoration photo (Fuji no Ma)

President and his wife are escorted to the Main Entrance along with the Vice Director for his departure.

President and his wife sending-off (Main Entrance)