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接待 Guests


October 12, 2016 T.M. the King Philippe and the Queen Mothilde Kingdom of Belgium

A photograph of T.M. the King Philippe, the Queen Mothilde of the Kingdaom of Belgium, the Prime Minister Abe and Mrs. Abe in the Grand staircase hall

Ceremonial photography (Large Hall)

T.M. the King Philippe of the Kingdaom of Belgium and the Prime Minister Abe talking in a relaxed mood in Asahi no Ma

Meeting (Asahi no Ma)

The Prime Minister Abe delivering an address at the dinner banquet in Kacho no Ma

Dinner Banquet (Kacho no Ma)

Table flags of Kingdaom of Belgium and Japan with flowers reflecting the color of Belgium flag at the meeting in Asahi no Ma

Desk flags (Asahi no Ma)