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Guided Japanese-Style Annex Tour and Koi Feeding to Open

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  • 2020.09.21

  For visitors to the Japanese Style Annex, we offer guided tours in which participants can enjoy visiting each room. On this occasion, we offer another reserved guided Japanese-Style Annex tour that highlights koi feeding at the hiro-en (low veranda) of the Japanese Style Annex, in the manner of distinguished guests.
  Please take this opportunity to visit the State Guest House with your friends.
* We also offer a tour course that includes the Main Building.

Please note that visitors who which any of the following apply will be denied entry:
– Cold symptoms such as cough and fever, labored breathing and dulled senses.
– Lack of facial mask.
– Travel to foreign countries or COVID-19 problem areas within the previous two weeks.

When visiting the site, please cooperate by observing the following rules:
– Our staff will take your temperature near the entrance.
– Please be sure to disinfect your hands.
– Please observe social distancing of at least one or two meters wherever possible so as not to form crowds.
– Refrain from talking as much as possible during your visit.

* Please note that the information listed above is subject to change as situations develop.
【Note】Please be informed that admission fees for the guided tour with koi feeding are different from those of the standard guided tour of Japanese-Style Annex.
【Note】The standard English guided tour without Koi feeding begins at 14:30 during the above mentioned period.
[Note] It is possible that the scheduled public opening may be cancelled in the event that distinguished visitors are received with short notice, so be sure to check “ Public Opening Schedule .”

Guided Japanese-Style Annex Tour and Koi Feeding
Opening date Thursday-Tuesday, October 1-13; Thursday-Tuesday, October 22- November 3, 2020 *Except Wednesday
Time of Guided Japanese-Style Annex Tour and Koi Feeding ①10:20 ②15:00
Estimated tour times are 1-1.5 hours for the Japanese Style Annex + Garden and 2-2.5 hours for the Japanese Style Annex + Main Building + Garden.
Admission Fees 【Japanese Style Annex/Garden】
Adults, 2,500 yen; university students, 2,000 yen; junior and senior high school students, 1,000 yen * Elementary school students and younger may not enter.
【Japanese Style Annex/Main Building/Garden】
Adults, 3,000 yen; university students, 2,500 yen; junior and senior high school students, 1,200 yen * Elementary school students and younger may not enter.
* Visitors can choose a tour course that includes the Main Building when paying their admission fees on the day of tour.
* University and junior/senior high school students must show student IDs to receive student discounts.
* We accept cash only.
How to visit Advance reservations are required.
(1) Application schedule: We will be accepting advance reservations from Thursday, September 17, 2020.
(2) Visitor selection: We will choose visitors by lottery after the application period and send winners their reservation confirmations by e-mail from the day after the application period end. We will also send word to those who were not chosen.
In cases where space becomes available or cancellations occur during the application period, visitors will be granted entrance on a first come, first serve basis. (until the afternoon of the day before the tour date)
* Visitors may join on the day of the tour if there is enough room.
(3) Approved visitor numbers: 1 to 4 person(s)
* The Japanese Style Annex is not accessible to wheelchair users due to the narrow passages in the building that make it difficult for visitors to navigate.
* Please register your name and emergency contact number near at the reception desk. Please be aware that the information you provide may be made available to public health centers, and other agencies if necessary.
(4) Tour start time: 10:20, 15:00 (two tour times)
* Visitors are required to enter from the west gate of the State Guest House and check in 20 minutes before the tour start time.
* Visitors to the Japanese Style Annex are required to arrive the meeting point 5 minutes before the tour start time.
* After entering from the west gate, all visitors will be required to pass through a security check, before purchasing entry tickets at the reception.
(5) Group capacity: 10 persons per tour
(6) Regarding the Main Building and Garden, those scheduled for 10:20 tour should begin after visiting the Japanese-Style Annex with koi feeding, and those scheduled for 15:00 should begin before visiting the Japanese-Style Annex with koi feeding. Thank you for your cooperation.
(7) In the case of bad weather, visitors may get wet as the koi feeding requires that the windows of the Japanese Style Annex be open.
Note ○The opening may be canceled due to events relating to hosting guests of the government and other priority events relating to the operation of the State Guest House. In such cases, we will promptly make an announcement on our website.
○A physical inspection of persons and baggage with a metal detector will be conducted at the time of admission.
〇Photography outside the building is allowed, however, large-scale commercial camera and accessory equipment such as tripods, stepladders, and selfie sticks are not permitted.
○For more details, please see Visitor rules and regulations.